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Nutrition Consultant & Life Coach

For simple, easy ideas for sustainable behaviour & lifestyle personalised for you.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard work, boring or not taste good. You can find a good balance in our busy lives to prepare great meals and snacks for ourselves and your family.

  • Let me help you create a food plan that suits you
  • your body type
  • your goals
  • your family
  • your sport
  • your quality of life to be better.

Leanne will design personalised plans that the whole family can follow & try, she will also supply recipe ideas that are quick, easy and using real foods.

For any sport Leanne can work with individuals to improve your recovery and performance. Leanne comes from many sports, where testing different food theories has helped her be a better consultant for her clients.

If you are dealing with illness  like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, IBS, chrons, hormone problems then nutritionally let her try to help work thru these,  as Leanne understands what it takes mentally to get through these challenges.

Leanne has had Leukemia since 2007 so knows herself the importance of eating well to keep a good balance in life.

Leanne is also a qualified Life Coach so can help you get through some challenges and set some personal goals going forward in a positive way.

Coaching people about good nutrition and mental barriers can go hand in hand., as one helps the other.

  • She listens to your needs
  • your goals
  • your past bad habits to create new positive habits