Transform Health & Fitness

Transform was a dream built by power couple Leanne & Alex Simays who wanted to make a difference in the quality of peoples life. They wanted to create a gym were everyone felt welcomed and like a friend, that it didn’t matter what you wore or where you come from but you felt that YOU MATTERED.

Transform opened in 2013 as a small gym that seemed at first to be more men that women but within a few years it become 50/50. Leanne wanted to show women that feeling strong could make you pull through many tests in life and mentally do so much for you.

Transform is about the quality of people in their studio and not the quantity that everyone’s own individuality is important and the goals you wish to achieve. Leanne & Alex are old school so believe in personality in their gym. Leanne believes since the introduction of 24-7 gyms the care of people has gone backwards in the fitness industry.

Transform is mostly a resistance weight based gym, this is important to the body for mental health, bone density, balance and fat burning. Transform also runs boot-camp classes to keep members muscle & fitness endurance up and gives the members something different to give a go at from their normal gym programme.

Transform sets challenges for their members like fat Loss Challenges, Chin Up Challenges, Push Up Challenges, Hiking, and Run Funs like ORock. Challenges are great so that people work together but healthy competition as well.
So join the Transform Family where atmosphere is everything.

Transform Health & Fitness

**** What we can offer you at our Gym ****

Gym Atmosphere

A friendly & supporting environment, where you will never be judged..... just encouraged.

Strength Training

Setting the best strength training program for you depends on your goals, and what gets you most excited to train.

Body Building

We have only the BEST & most experienced trainers when it comes to shaping your body.

One on One Training

They will create and design a training programme for your different individual needs.

Health & Studio Classes

Setting challenges every week for our members. To help our clients achieve in their own goals.

Nutrition Coaching

Food plans to suit your body type. Personalised plans that quick, easy and nutritious.

Gym Facilities

Full use of all our gym equipment & facilities on site.

Supplements & Protein

GET your protein stock from Transform. We also have Transform merchandise available.